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Mark Fast Womenswear S/S10

Fast shows diversity with inclusion of 'plus' size models as well as introducing less body-conscious shapes to his repetoire

PhotographyKasia Bobula

The appearance of 'plus' size (read 'normal', 'real' or any other press-worthy adjectives) in Mark Fast's show comes at an apt time after the launch of photography exhibition All Walks Beyond the Catwalk at Somerset House but it wasn't really the ultimate distraction of the show. Post-show was another matter as it was revealed that the original stylist of the show resigned at the last minute after Fast's decision to include plus size-14 models. Still, beyond model sizing theatrics, Fast's point was to emphasise his different sizing groups that will be categorised alphabetically as opposed to numerically and will focus on draping, density and volume in sizing that his dresses require to achieve the perfect fit.

This season though, whilst bodycon dresses still ruled the day in inky black, a lighter touch infiltrated through pastel shades of blue, lilac and cream as well as a more frou-frou silhouette of fan shaped leather embellishments that cascaded into miniskirts. Extra embellishments included fabric covered pearls over swimsuits, crystals and pleated panelling. This combined with his signature knitting style made a balance between volume and tension that was inspired by the silent films of the 1920s as well as unlikely heroines like Erin Brockovich.