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Naomi Campbell iconic runway walk

Slay the runway: these are the most iconic model walks of all time

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Right now, it seems like everybody’s talking about Leon Dame: the model who strode… no, waded… no, jolted… no, contorted down the runway at the Margiela show in Paris two days ago. Shooting Edward Enninful a crazed look, going viral on social media, and, according to many a shocked source, actually making Anna Wintour smile, Dame is fashion’s new walking wonder. 

This isn’t the first time Margiela has, to quote Marie Kondo, sparked joy. Cast your mind back to 2015 and you might recall the half-walking, half-running models that graced its runway, who subsequently ended up at the centre of countless memes about gays on their way to get iced coffee (iconic, tbh). But what is it about these walks that excites us so much, that cracks the lips of even the most steely editors?

Really, it’s because we’re all narcissistic attention seekers, and we’re all secretly desperate to pace those catwalks ourselves: we want to bounce like Gisele, create wind like Tyra, to make Anna Wintour (almost) lol like Leon. But what does it take to go down in the history books as someone who could walk really, really well? Here, we aim to find out, and, in the process, provide you with a little inspiration, as we narrow down the ten must-imitate walks of all time. From Naomi and Teddy, to Tyra and Devon, get ready world: because here they are.