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Ohne Titel Womenswear S/S10

The CFDA Award finalists produce a refined collection inspired by Egyptian paintings and their relief lines.

PhotographyMark ReayTextSusie Lau

This collection felt like a turning point in the timeline of Alexa Adams and Flora Gill's joint label Ohne Titel. As strong graphic tailored pieces came marching out along with handmade dresses that were obviously heavy with handiwork, there was a strength and belief in their own signature style that perhaps previously hadn't come across. We delved a bit deeper into those fabric techniques that Ohne Titel have painstakingly developed for the collection.

Dazed Digital: It seems like there were more of the fabric techniques seen in your last S/S collection - was that intentional?
Ohne Titel: We really wanted to have some interesting textures, so like layering gauzey knit textures, silk, lacing, french knot and feathers, Some are embroidered on a machine knit and all the embroidery is by hand.  
There's also leather lace feather embroidery and knit embroidery on silk.

DD: How do you come up with these technniques?
Ohne Titel: We usually have to make a little something. You do a swatch and then a layout. Though first somes the inspiration and for us, it was about the Egyptian silhouette and the whole idea of shape and pattern. There are assymetrical graphic lines that traced around the body that came from the

DD: How do you feel about the collection  
Ohne Titel: I think it's so strong! We're just so elated. We've been working on it for the past six months. It's kind of like giving birth!

DD: I like the way the collection felt very edited.
Ohne Titel: We wanted to keep that one essential idea and concentrate on that one idea.