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Preen Womenswear S/S10

Despite the big London return, Preen remained in New York and again evolved their aesthetic.

Preen stuck firmly to progressin in New York and Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi presented another visual feast of a collection that played more with textures, particularly with panels of tightly ruffled silk that Thornton likened to topiary. This in term marked a shape shift from Preen's bodycon styles into something more feminine and flowing.

Dazed Digital: You've always said that Preen collections evolve from one to the other. How did the last one evolve into this one?
Justin Thornton: The last dresses of the last show had the black lines running through the colours and we really wanted to play with those lines and the proportion of them this time. Then we looked at Japanese bondage, with the ropes and the twisting and we picked out that idea and they became like sections on the body and as we developed the idea, it became more like twists of silk and more delicate.
Then because We moved studio, we looked at our archives and there was a lot of Victoriana and punky stuff, 90s grunge and that inspired the silver jeans and the Victorian ruffles.

DD: What was that very ruffled textured that you repeated in the collection?
Justin Thornton: It's just silk! We wanted it to be very controlled a little bit like topiary. We didn't want it to be girly.

DD: It really looked like it had shape and structure to it.
Justin Thornton: Yeah, we'd been doing the body con thing for a while and obviously we still have that in the collection but we just wanted to play with propotions slightly and a few more feminine pieces.

DD: A bit of an obvious question but why didn't you choose to show in London again what with the massive homecoming of designers?
Justin Thornton: Yeah why didn't we? There was a lot of talk about it and it seemed like a shame to move back as we haven't been showing here for long. We're going to be doing things in London still though.

DD: What is it you like about showing in New York?
Justin Thornton: We just love it here! It's just right for us here. It's working really well and good for our business. It also makes people take you very seriously. It's good to show at the beginning of the season so you get your message across.

DD: In terms of the Preen aesthetic, what does this show represent in the development of Preen do you think?
Justin Thornton: We've fused the past and what we've been doing recently and hopefully we're showing a new clean modern version of what we've already been doing.