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Watch Marc Jacobs on his mission to learn how to drive

L plates are so hot right now

Where many of those working in fashion might claim they were born to be driven, Marc Jacobs – at the age of 56 – has decided enough is enough and taken matters into his own hands. Wearing an orange bucket hat, pink Snoopy sweats, and a pair of adidas sliders, the designer is seen entering the early stages of his mission to learn to drive, in a video which was uploaded to his YouTube page last night. 

With Jacobs known for staging some of the most extravagant shows at fashion week, it makes sense that his avant-garde, daring spirit translates into other areas of his life. Clearly an absolute speed demon, the designer is seen racing around a parking lot at an exceptionally wild 3mph: but more fool you if you think he has a total disregard for the rules. Though his foot may be to the floor, Jacobs is evidently taking his lessons (and the highway code) seriously. Before turning out of his parking space, he makes sure to look left for oncoming traffic, and though the cameraman scolds him for not holding the wheel at 10-2, Jacobs retorts that “it’s 9-3 now” (apparently).

After just about mastering the basics in this driving crash course, Jacobs gets to the important bit, as he heads off to buy a car. Eschewing the more typical battered Ford Fiesta most of us made our driving debuts in (duh!), the designer instead opts for what he describes as a “mid-life crisis car”: a Porsche. Which, tbh, is pretty much goals

Watch the (hilarious) full video below.