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 AVB Edition 2 Zine: Gaïa
AVB Edition 2 Zine: GaïaPhotography Anna Victoria Best

Rising Parisian model Gaïa is the sole star of this intimate new zine

Photographer Anna Victoria Best is back with the second issue of her unique single model-focused publication

In early 2019, photographer Anna Victoria Best debuted her new zine AVD Edition. A year later, she is now releasing the second edition with the same, unique concept – one issue, one model.  

Entitled Gaïa, issue two is centred around half-Korean, Italian, and French model Gaïa Orgeas. Hailing from Montaigu, a commune in the Pays de la Loire region of western France, the Paris-based model has already begun to make her mark in fashion, with appearances on the runway at Balenciaga, Telfar, VetementsFenty and MM6 to name but a few.

Having first met last year, Best knew basically immediately that she wanted Orgeas to be the star of the second volume. “We met at a casting in Paris,” she explains. “I had wanted to shoot Gaïa for a job I was there for the previous day but it didn’t work out. Actually, to be real – she wasn’t ‘on brand’ (not my words) which I obviously did not agree with!”

Describing her relationship with Best as one based on “creativity, basic instincts, and sharing”, Orgeas recalls the discussion they had prior to working together on the zine. “We decided to meet and talk about it by sharing our points of view and ways of living,” she says. “I liked her straight away because she is super emotional, talented, and full of crazy ideas. To be honest, at first, I was really surprised, touched, and moved when I finally realised the proportions of this project.”

Similarly to the ones in the first issue, which centred around Jess Cole, the images in the zine were all shot in the same place, on the same day. The outcome of the shoot was a series of stipped-back photographs which depict Gaïa in a Paris apartment, wearing mainly vintage Helmut Lang.

To capture the truest version of their new muse, the team on set was small - made up just of Best and Orgeas, stylist Matt King, and Dazed art director Jamie Reid. “The atmosphere was pretty chill, we were not shy or distant at all, it was fluid and smooth,” remembers Orgeas. “Anna and I were laughing, talking, complaining, bitching, sharing, and already in love with each other – which is unusual for me. I don’t give myself to people easily. Collaboration, respect, teamwork, communication, passion were the central core of this experience.”

The zine is now available to preorder and will be launched on Tuesday June 25 at EYD 80 Rue du Chemin Vert, 75011 Paris, France, 6pm to 9pm