British MPs have decided against regulations on fast fashion

The Environmental Audit Committee’s call for action against textile waste has been ignored

Despite large fashion brands like Burberry pledging to no longer burn unsold goods, the fashion industry in the UK sends over 300 million tonnes of clothing to landfill every year – not helped in the least bit by companies like Missguided, who just last week brought out a £1 bikini

To combat the huge environmental impact – which contributes more emissions than both the international shipping and aviations industries combined – the Environmental Audit Committee urged MPs to vote in favour of a landfill ban and instate a 1p charge on each waste garment to raise the £35m needed for sorting and recycling. 

Today, MPs decided against this, responding: “We recognise how crucial it is for the environmental and social impacts to be well managed, particularly in this era of fast fashion.” Despite that, all of the EAC’s suggestions have been ignored. 

“The government has rejected our call, demonstrating that it is content to tolerate practices that trash the environment, having just committed to net zero emission targets,” EAC chair Mary Cragh told the Guardian. “Urgent action must be taken to change the fast fashion business model which produces cheap clothes that cost the earth. Fashion producers should be forced to clear up the mountains of waste they create.”

The government has suggested that it won’t be able to consider any of the EAC’s suggestions until 2025.