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vic matie shoe brand project instagram
Vic Matiē #thenewpowergenerationPhotography Giulia Achenza

Italian shoe brand Vic Matiē spotlights upcoming talents with new project

The #thenewpowergeneration series saw a group of Italian talents take over the labels Instagram account

Since launching in 30 years ago, Italian shoe brand Vic Matiē has refined its vision to become a label which focuses on the creativity of up and coming talents – including stylist, art director, and Nike collaborator Veronica Panati who has worked with the brand since SS17.

As part of its latest endeavour, the label has launched a new initiative, named #thenewpowergeneration – allowing young Italian creatives to reimagine the brand through their own aesthetic.

The project – that started in April and will end in July – is described as a ‘virtual residency’ and entails a takeover of Vic Matiē’s Instagram account. Selected because of their contemporary vision, the host of collaborators include photographer Marta Marinotti, director Giulia Achenza, filmmaker Michele Foti, fashion editor Moreno Galatà and several more.

The images include the use of mixed media and techniques to “distort the original product in order the replicate its sight from a machines point of view”, courtesy of the team at Loom est. Elsewhere, Galatà styled the shoes with rocks and tree logs and Francesca Natali used her background in direction to create a series of minimal images.

Continuing to use social media as a vital part of the company’s branding, the online residencies will be followed by an Instagram launch of the first ever Vic Matiē Man AW19 collection.