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Micheal B Jordan Coach Spike Lee
Directed by Spike Lee

Spike Lee and Michael B. Jordan team up on a new film for Coach

The American brand takes to the desert to communicate an important message

Days after receiving his first Academy Award at the Oscars – for best adapted screenplay for BlackKklansman – American director Spike Lee has released a brand new project in collaboration with Coach.

Entitled Words Matter and starring the global face of Coach menswear Micheal B. Jordan, the short film explores values of hopefulness and positivity. The project – co-written by Lee’s children – begins with the actor on a motorcycle, travelling solo through the desert. Along his journey, he finds rocks with words such as ‘bigotry’, ‘evil’, ‘hatred’, and ‘lies’ written across them. Disposing of them and replacing them with rocks bearing the words ‘courage’, ‘truth’, ‘dream’ and ‘love’, the move becomes representative of taking the negative into your own hands and using words as positive manifestations.

No stranger to a political message, during his acceptance speech at the Oscars, Spike took to the stage using his platform to honour Black History Month and discuss the upcoming 2020 presidential election. The release of the film will be followed by a series of personal videos with a host of friends of the Coach, which will feature discussions and testimonies on the power of words.

Watch the film below.