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carlings perl ai collection digital influencers
Neo-Ex collectionCourtesy of Carlings

Influencers can now influence you with clothes they haven’t even tried on

Norwegian retailer Carlings has created a completely digital collection to raise awareness of water consumption in the clothing industry

The technological advances in fashion right now are wild. Tommy Hilfiger released a collection that knows how much you wear it and where, AI bots have learnt to awkwardly dress themselves, and who can forget about CGI models like Dazed 100er Lil Miquela and the trio fronting Balmain’s pre-fall 2018 campaign

Now, a company has found a way to let IRL influencers, influence you with their digital clothing. Yep, they will never see those looks, or even try them on, but can digitally wear them all thanks to Norweigan company Carlings.

Creating the Neo-Ex collection in partnership with AI influencer Perl, those taking part pick a look from the 19-piece collection and for a small fee – from €10-30 – have it digitally ‘fit’ on them by a group of digital 3D designers. Once complete, the image is sent over, ready to post on Instagram – featuring the selected lewk. 

The collection itself is a reaction to reports that reveal lots of influencers are buying looks to take a single photo in, and then returning them. As these garments only exist digitally, there is zero impact on the environment – meaning you can #savetheplanet while you #influence. Even better, all money made from the service with go to WaterAid – to highlight the huge amount of water consumption the clothing industry uses every year. 

So, go influence and take your #OOTD to 3018.