Jonah Hill’s dismembered head is here to announce Palace’s new store

Well, it is almost Halloween...

Jonah Hill and Palace go way back. The London skate brand and the Mid90s director have collaborated numerous times over the past few years, joining forces to create spoof ads and strange robot-filled short films – and now they’ve released another. This time around, it’s to announce the opening of a new store in Japan. 

The short clip features a man entering a haunted house of sorts, where a Japanese voiceover says phrases like ‘ask not why’, ‘face your fears’, and ‘nope to the grabby fuckers’. Upon entering a door, he’s transported to a maze where Hill’s dismembered head asks if his body has been seen.

The clip ends with the new store announcement and a floating Hill head saying: “Citizens of Tokyo, Palace is here... for you.” The store opens on November 3, with an exclusive tee available from the new location.