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Five hyped sneakers that might be a better investment than a house

Lol, sure

If you’re into sneakers, it’s likely you’ve found yourself clutching your phone at a wholly anti-social hour, poised in wait to grab the latest so-hot-right-not style off the digital shelves at least once. For some, the anxiety-inducing task ends in success, elation, and a brand new pair of Yeezys. But for those who miss out, it usually means a trip into the murky depths of eBay – with its ridiculously jacked-up prices and often less-than-scrupulous resellers. Balemcyaga anyone?

Thankfully for sneaker-enthusiasts everywhere, over the course of the last few years resale sites like Grailed and GOAT have sprung up across the internet, many of which take steps to ensure the authenticity of the styles among their listings and protect those looking to buy them. One company that’s gone a step further than that, though, is StockX – the sneaker marketplace that’s doing things a little differently.

Founded in 2016 by Josh Luber, not only is StockX the place to go if you’re in search of super-rare, sought-after streetwear, it’s also encouraging a new generation of fanatics to build their own portfolio of profitable kicks. Because, if the name didn’t give it away, StockX is the world’s first – and probably unsurprisingly only – sneaker stock market. Giving a whole new meaning to FTSE (sorry), the site lists each style’s value in real-time, fluctuations in price across a period of 90 days, and information as to whether your chosen shoe is a good investment or not.

“A good rule of thumb is to try and hold on to the first colourway of any notable silhouette, as long as there aren’t any re-releases or restocks of it,” says Luber, explaining what you should be looking for when starting your portfolio. “A great example of this is the run of Pharrell’s Human Race adidas NMDs, which gained a ton of value and have held because they haven’t restocked. Another sure-fire sneaker to invest in is anything from Nike’s collaboration with Virgil Abloh and Off-White. The 2017 Off-White Nike Blazer increased from a low of just over $500 to a high of $1,150 this past month.”

Let’s face it: for most millennials actually owning a house isn’t on the cards unless things change drastically (too much avocado toast, apparently). But who knows? Get your hands on the right pair of hyped sneakers and in ten years time a cupboard-sized one-bedroom flat in Zone 6 could be all yours.

With that in mind, we asked Luber to list the five sneakers he thinks will have the biggest return on investment in the years to come. “These are all shoes that are first-of-their-kind collabs, which is what makes them both highly sought-after and incredibly valuable. While it’s hard to say exactly what each pair will be worth in five years, it’s likely that – given their respective sales histories – they will only continue to increase in value. So if you have a pair that you have the strength not to wear… wait.”


“This was the first collaborative style Nike and Virgil Abloh released, and the first of three Nike Presto and Off-White collabs – and it was put out in really limited numbers, which means it’s only ever going to increase in value. The resale price has nearly doubled since last November, and it’s currently at $1,600, or 900% over retail.”


“The Off-White Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG was one of the most highly-anticipated footwear collaborations of 2017, and marked the first time Virgil and the Jordan Brand teamed up. Its resale price has doubled over the last 12 months, and it’s now selling for almost $2,400, a massive 12 times its original retail price.”


“The Mars Yard was the first collaborative sneaker designed by celebrated American contemporary artist Tom Sachs and Nike, and, since being released, it’s already reselling for three times its OG retail price. Essentially, it’s an art piece, sitting somewhere between sneaker and sculpture, and it’s so rare there are none currently listed on StockX. Looking to sell? You know where to head.”


This was Pharrell’s first move with the adidas NMD silhouette and celebrates the human race. His special edition of the shoe has a two-piece upper and bold printed slogans on top, a curved collar, and combination lace system-stabiliser cage. It was always going to be popular – it’s Pharrell! Since its debut, the resale value has increased three-fold, and it’s currently going for around $1,800. A huge 650% over retail.”


“The fragment design x Air Jordan 1 is a collab between Jordan and Hiroshi Fujiwara, and was released in really limited numbers – which is why it’s now selling for over ten times its price at $1,800.”


“The Air Jordan 4 Carhartt, which was a collaboration between Carhartt and Eminem, is one of the most in-demand celeb collabs. It’s a $20,000 sneaker of which there are only ten pairs, so if you get your hands on some of these, you’re set.”