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What we learnt from Marc Jacobs & Kim Jones on RuPaul’s latest podcast

The duo spill the tea on everything from depression and where they find inspiration, to love and life after Vuitton

At the beginning of the month, New York played host to its second ever RuPaul’s DragCon – one giant kiki (heterosexuals, read: party) with all your fave Drag Race queens and 50,000 fans in and out of drag. 

Among attendees at the event were designers Marc Jacobs and Kim Jones, who took some time to sit down with Mother Ru on her podcast What’s the Tee with Michelle Visage (although this particular episode is sans-Visage). Following on from Drag Race fave Alyssa Edwards, the pair talk at length with RuPaul about everything from mental health and love, to Cher and how they find inspiration in troublesome times. 

Elsewhere, Jacobs reveals the date for his wedding with fiancé Char Defrancesco – you may remember him from the designer’s Chipotle-set flash mob engagement video – and talks about how he recreates the Marc Jacobs woman each season. Meanwhile, Jones talks about his Dior debut, and his extensive Leigh Bowery archive. 

While you should absolutely listen to the full podcast below, here we explore some of the best takeaways from the duo. 


“It was very fast, I had two months to do it. I was very proud of it and I’m happy with it and people seemed to like it. You get this intuitive feeling of ‘this is what I want the house to look like’ and people were receptive to it. I like to look at the codes of the house and work with those, for me that’s the most exciting thing. Dior has got such an amazing archive, there’s so much to look at. I like to respect what the house means and I work for the house, that’s how I see it.” – Kim Jones 


“I did seven years at Vuitton and I wanted to have a change. It’s important for you to keep being excited by stuff. I love Vuitton as a brand, it’s amazing, and I loved everyone I worked with, but I wanted to do something different.” – Kim Jones 

“I miss being in Paris during PFW. I don’t think I would ever say that while I was there doing it, but not having it left a hole. I was used to flying out to Paris the day after our show in New York and being exhausted and rising to the next occasion. I do kind of miss it and I miss my life in Paris, even though Kim and I were talking about it on the way here saying Paris is not the most positive, fuzzy, warm experience when you live there.” – Marc Jacobs 


“If I had to describe my woman, she’d be schizophrenic first of all. Sybil. For anyone under 50 that was a film about a woman with many personalities. Daisy was a reference to Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby and then my dog, who I named after Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby. Every season, just like people I know, they have different moods, they have different feelings. I don’t shop from one place, I wanna be one thing on moment, one thing another moment. I wanna express this fantasy or that part of my brain from time to time. I’m interested in things outside of fashion, like art or music, theatre. When I think of people that I know who are into fashion, it’s just a part of their life, it’s part of the art of living and they get to enjoy all aspects and parts of it.” – Marc Jacobs


“I always get depressed after a show or something big that I’ve worked on. I do suffer from depression anyway, and I go to a very dark place and think ‘I’ll never do this again’ and get so down about everything. Sometimes I feel fashion should be a reflection of what life is and what’s going on in the world and other times I feel like it should be an escape from it – I’m in that place right now. The runway is a place in all of our hearts and the runway is a place we create for ourselves – it’s like our movie we star in. Fashion doesn’t necessarily have to reflect the politics or the conversations of the world, it’s kind of a break from it, it’s a fantasy place.” – Marc Jacobs 

“I travel all the time to go and see new things that inspire me. I find beauty in lots of different ways, whether it’s nature, people, anything. You just have to move and look around. For me, it’s the fantasy of the runway and then what becomes desirable in reality. Clothes make people feel good about themselves and that’s a really positive thing. If someone goes out and they want to buy that thing because they love it and it makes them feel really good about wearing it, it makes them feel confident, that’s a really good thing. I’ve only realised that recently.” – Kim Jones 

“Fashion doesn’t necessarily have to reflect the politics or the conversations of the world, it’s kind of a break from it, it’s a fantasy place” – Marc Jacobs 


“I just find it really refreshing to see the diversity here and all the people who have come here. I didn’t know what to expect.” – Kim Jones

“When I see people expressing themselves through clothes, through make-up, through hair, that’s what I take note of.” – Marc Jacobs 


“I met Cher once very briefly, back in my days working at Charivari, I was a kid. She came in with Gregg Allman and she came into Charivari and I met her there for a hot minute. I got to spend a little more time with her when we shot her for the ad campaign and went to the Met and that was an amazing experience. She’s incredibly outspoken about her politics which was a side of her I never knew. She was also very caring and I was super nervous about escorting her and she was like ‘take my hand and we’ll be fine.’ She said to me in life she was very uncomfortable, but when she’s on stage as Cher, she’s fine.” – Marc Jacobs 

David Bowie was the person I couldn’t speak when I met him. He was absolutely lovely and super sweet. We talked about Derek Jarman paintings because I collected them and he collected them. I couldn’t believe I was in the room with him and I was with Jerry Stafford and that made it much more comfortable. It was an absolute joy to meet him and he was the loveliest person. I just couldn’t speak for about half an hour.” – Kim Jones