Burberry will no longer burn unsold products or use fur in its collections

Under new chief creative officer Riccardo Tisci, the British label is pledging to move towards a more sustainable future

Earlier this year, a report revealed that Burberry had destroyed over £28m worth of clothing and perfume in 2017, unsurprisingly sparking outrage. We later elaborated on this, finding that the the British company wasn’t alone and in fact, burning unsaleable goods was a fashion-wide problem. 

In efforts to become more sustainable, Burberry has today announced that it would no longer be destroying unsold product and instead reuse, recycle, or donate. “At Burberry we are passionate about driving positive change,” a statement released by the company said. “Our responsibility goals cover the entire footprint of our operations and extend to the communities around us.”

Recycling efforts aren’t totally new ground over the years under a pre-existing sustainability pledge, this has seen the company partner with sustainable label Elvis & Krasse to reuse leather offcuts, as well as funding research at the Royal College of Arts to create new sustainable materials. 

In addition to its efforts in reducing waste, the British label will no longer be using fur in any of its collections including Riccardo Tisci’s debut on September 17. Forgoing fur is something that has been enforced by a number of major labels this year, including Versace, Tom Ford, and Gucci. “Modern luxury means being socially and environmentally responsible. This belief is core to us at Burberry,” said company CEO Marco Gobbetti. 

The news signals a new chapter for the British house, perfect timing to coincide with the debut of Tisci’s era next week.