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SZA wants to save the ocean using Champion sweaters

The collab is gonna skrrt skrrt on unsustainable fishing

SZA saved all those broken hearted thots out there by telling them to skrrt skrrt on boys. Now she wants to know – “who tryn save da ocean?” The CTRL singer appears to be heading up a fashion collaboration with Champion that will donate money to sustainability efforts having announced it via her Instagram.

Not much is known yet other than that the collection features bright blue and maroon pieces embroidered with “Sustainability Gang” in retro Google-like typeface with rainbow lettering. She also tagged @ctrlfishingco, an account that does not yet have any followers, but is rumoured to be the name of her future sustainability ventures. There appears to be both hoodies and sweaters, all emblazoned with the recognisable “C” logo for Champion.

According to the comments beneath her initial Instagram post, all purchases will contribute money to charitable organisations. “OK but does the profit go to an organisation dedicated to sustainability?” one user asked. “100 per cent actually,” SZA replied. “We look forward to sending you one.”

The launch is reportedly happening “soon”.