Chicago police are baiting black neighbourhoods with Nike-filled trucks

A crime prevention group uncovered the operation last week

Last week, police in Chicago were revealed to be using a bait truck filled with Nike Air Force 1’s and Christian Louboutin heels – with residents arrested upon entering it. 

In a video posted to Facebook by Charles Mckenzie of crime prevention group God’s Gorillas, the bait truck is left seemingly unattended in the Englewood neighbourhood by a group of policemen, with them being confronted by a group of residents.

“There were a lot of young guys playing basketball nearby,” Mckenzie told Vox. “Why would they do that in the poorest communities to people who don’t have anything better?” Currently, the poverty rate in Englewood is estimated to be around 40-60 per cent. According to Mckenzie, a number of people were arrested, potentially earning them up to five years in prison (even for first-time offenders) because of the high cost of the items. 

A day later, the truck returned in a different part of the neighbourhood with residents confronting police again. At the moment, it’s still unclear who was behind the bait truck, with the Chicago division of the FBI and local police force refusing to comment. This isn’t the first time fashion has been involved with police affairs, with Rotterdam forces saying they would arrest Vetements and Gucci-wearing teens if it looked like they hadn’t bought it themselves.