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No, Kylie Jenner is not the world’s most popular designer

Deep down you knew it was a reach

If you’re interested in fashion, you’ve probably got a favourite designer, be it Miuccia Prada, Karl Lagerfeld, or Virgil Abloh. How about Kylie Jenner? No? Well, she’s got a whole gang of fans out there somewhere because she was recently revealed as the most popular designer. Well, sort of. 

According to a report conducted by analytics company SEMrush, Jenner was the most searched of a group of designers on a monthly basis with over nine million people looking her up – beating the likes of Louis Vuitton at six million and Calvin Klein at two million.

But is Jenner even a designer? Not really. The data is only based on how much people search the designer’s names, rather than in the context of fashion or design, so it makes sense why Kylie would come out on top. Plus, the fact that everyone was frantically searching for any details of her secret pregnancy before it was officially announced.  

Jenner’s design “legacy” has not been without its dramas. Following a collection released under label Kendall + Kylie that she runs with her sister, the pair were served with a lawsuit, that was later dropped, for copyright infringement of images used of Tupac. Elsewhere, Jenner was called out by label PLUGGEDNYC for ordering from it and then copying designs for her Kylie Shop. They even had the receipts to prove it.