Watch a futuristic film for Nike’s collab with Alyx’s Matthew M Williams

Debuting the brand’s new capsule collection, NOWNESS stages a shadowplay performance in an immersive landscape

Both Nike and Matthew M Williams, designer of New York-based label Alyx, have demonstrated a shared approach when it comes to design: a desire to ‘Just Do It’. Together they have done it – collaborating on a capsule collection that centres around technology and data-informed trends. To achieve this precision-engineered approach to design, they collaborated with NOWNESS to present this new film directed by Thibaut Grevet, where intense training meets crafted choreography.

The short film–entitled ‘Captured Motion’ – is shot in a quarry in Kiev, and follows the footsteps of isolated performers who embody the apparel through their expressive steps. Quick cuts between human motion and digital renders show the versatility of the collection.

Performing this collection atop electronic music sets a futuristic mood to the film with a total deconstructed rhythm. With the juxtaposition of a gridded platform – on which human movement appears both robotic and empowered – against the gritty quarry setting, technology takes centre stage. The dark and neutral coloured pieces produce shape-shifting camouflage and insinuate a desire to blend in with nature.

The new collaboration is designed for both men and women, with the inclusion of some unisex pieces, too. Classic tank tops, t-shirts and leggings combined with sleek, swoosh-adorned accessories – all pieces are clearly constructed through the Nike sensibility, but Williams’s input offers a technologically advanced and modern perspective. Williams has a clear awareness of the movement between music and fashion, which is clear in both the film and collection with Nike.

The Nike x Matthew M Williams Collection will be available from July 12 on the Nike website.