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The Instagram account chronicling people wearing all-Comme-everything

Die-hard CdG fans, @peoplewearingcommedesgarcons goes out to you

@peoplewearingcommedesgarcons is the Instagram account documenting just that: people wearing Comme Des Garçons.

Starting out on Tumblr way back in 2011, the creative mind behind the account wanted to create a channel to show people that Comme could be worn by anyone in any situation. And though they've opted to remain anonymous, they practice what they preach: somewhere among the feed is a photograph of them wearing the brand. “Comme is not the preserved avant-garde aesthetic of the fashion crowd, and neither is it ‘unwearable,’” they explain. “The Comme lines always stuck out when I visited stores back in the 90s. It was seductively out of sync with the mainstream and there was this sense of freedom and being beyond rules about the clothes.”

When it comes to stand-out collections, for @peoplewearingcommedesgarcons, it’s all about the SS11 and SS99 collections. “I loved how the pieces in the SS11 collection were made from three garments stitched into one, allowing a number of ways to wear and layer. It was just so much fun to wear. Another one of my favourites is Comme Des Garçons Homme Plus SS99. It’s the collection that saw models wear classic suits and menswear basics, that were then inverted to reveal elaborate interiors with ruffles and linings in contrasting colours”.

As for sourcing the right images, some are personal submissions while others are found by scrolling endlessly through Instagram accounts and street style blogs. Those that make the cut don’t necessarily have to be a full Comme Des Garçons look. “I believe in making every garment your own and wearing it your own way. The person’s vibe is important too – they must look comfortable in the outfit. I also like it when people wear runway looks out in the streets. Or when people wear full Comme looks – that could be a mixture of different seasons – on the streets in typical day-to-day situations that aren’t in a fashion week ‘street style’ context. And I especially love seeing seniors wearing Comme with aplomb.”