Polyvore is no more, and it’s not coming back

SSENSE apologised for shutting down the social commerce platform without warning

For over ten years, people all over the world have been using social commerce platform Polyvore as a way to create mood boards of looks and shopping wishlists, while establishing communities of friends to share them with. 

Last week, that all changed when e-commerce site SSENSE acquired the platform and shut it down without warning. The move sparked outrage among hardcore Polyvore users, many of whom have friends they regularly communicate with there.

Yesterday, SSENSE released a statement on Instagram apologising for the sudden change. “We’re sorry,” it reads. “While it was not our decision to shut down Polyvore, we handled things badly.” For now, all users have been given the option to opt out of their data being transferred, but the message for the 13,000 plus people petitioning to bring it back was final: “We do not have the ability to bring the website or its functionalities back,” the statement continued.  

As a temporary solution, SSENSE is allowing users to download their Polyvore content, but many comments on the Instagram posts suggest there are problems allowing people to do that. Either way, the much-loved platform will be missed by its users. RIP Polyvore. 

We are currently reaching out to Polyvore users who have lost their content from the site. If you want to get in touch email fashiontips@dazedmedia.com. Read SSENSE’s full statement below.