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The time the Ab Fab duo had a fashion show featuring Naomi Campbell

You’re welcome sweetie darling

Ah, the early 90s. The days when fashion was fuelled by coke, cigarettes, and column inches full of harsh criticism. It was the same time that fashion started on its swift incline towards the ridiculous, status-obsessed frippery that became the gloriously camp mid-90s. Take us back TBH.

It was also a time when things were taken a little less seriously, as evidenced by the domination of Absolutely Fabulous’s Pasty Stone and Eddie Monsoon – the ridiculous twosome who poked fun at an industry which took their jokes, surprisingly, well. In this genius clip from the Clothes Show, we catch the Ab Fab favourites pre-pretty-bad-movie-fame, just weeks after the first episode of the genuinely iconic show aired in 1992.

The clip takes us to a fairly budget runway show, where Betty Jackson “collaborated” with the Absolutely Fabulous pair on a line described as “sporty jersey” by an inquiring voiceover. While fashion wasn’t quite as into collabs back then, this one is pretty special and would have us queueing up like any Supreme fan in search of a Nan Goldin printed hoodie might today.

“They just called up and asked and I was like hmmmmmyeaaaahh,” says a fresh-faced Naomi Campbell who smiles sweetly backstage, after she was featured as the main model in the Jackson x Stone x Monsoon collection.

“It was just good fun to do, that’s all,” Betty Jackson asserted backstage, explaining that it was all her. “No matter what Betty Jackson might say, she was in the room – that’s all,” Jennifer Saunders retorts, addressing a laughing crowd. After this, Jackson would go on to design some of Patsy and Eddie’s most memorable looks from the show – from Eddie’s huge leopard print coat to a bunch of Bubbles’ weirder looks.

“Fabulously,” Edina responds, when asked how it went. “I think the season’s going to be marvellous. We’ve had a lot of buyers in already. So hopefully. Cross-fingers!”