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Crommorc's Urban Nomad

Spanish label Crommorc traverses the evolutionary road to create a unique and dynamic new collection.

Carolina Caralt and Rosa Tharrats are the creative minds behind Crommorc, a young Barcelona based fashion brand that takes part in Projecte Bressol since 2007, an initiative created by the city’s government to promote local fashion and to help young designers to create their own brand. Their work reflects a kind of Belgian garment deconstruction together with a dark palette and unisex shapes, and their style could be described as nomadic urban rebel.

Dazed Digital: Define Crommorc style in a word...
Commorc: Transformation.

DD: What does inspire you? Which are your main references?
Commorc: Everything that surrounds us, our references evolve constantly.

DD: So, tell me about your latest collection; which is its main topic? Which fabrics, colours or shapes would you say are more representative in it?
Commorc: Our latest collection is called “Disturbed Era”. We tried to portray a fast alteration of the virgin era to the actual one with it, a journey through evolution. We worked with the idea of contrast between handcrafted techniques like plush and some techno fabrics, for instance. We also worked with tricot. The colour palette is mainly dark with some sequins here and there that give the collection a touch of light. We like to play with layering and garment deconstruction in order to create new shapes and volumes.
DD: How would you describe the boy and the girl you like to dress?
Commorc: We imagine they’re dynamic people, with a strong personality and they’re special in some way, but we don’t work with stereotypes, we just think about the people we see in the streets that want to feel free and independent.
DD: So you say in your website, Crommorc is actually a “lifestyle”, in which way?
Commorc: We create a new vision for the society. You can create your own world with Crommorc clothes; escape from conventionalism but without totally turning your back on today’s society.

DD: You also define yourselves as a multi disciplinary brand, how important do you think it is for a brand to be multi disciplinary these days?
Commorc: It is important to interact with everything that surrounds you, to feel and express yourself without limits. One of the good things about being fashion designers is that when creating a collection, your work goes through many different stages that let you mix different disciplines.

DD: While some people may pretend to provide fashion with a metaphysical and transcendental meaning you assure that your brand is based on a leisure concept. Fashion as art or fashion as a game?
Commorc: Fashion is like playing with art. When we say we create fashion for leisure we mean that you can play with our garments because you can transform them and wear them in many different ways.

DD: This A/W 09/10 is your second collection, what does this mean for a young brand like yours?
Commorc: It means that we have actually improved in every way; a collection represents a massive learning process. There’s a really big world out there full of possibilities to explore.