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Armour In Heaven

GAIKA launches Armour In Heaven capsule

Our political editor releases a lookbook featuring Flohio and Mista Silva and publishes a short essay on the project


This act of dressing up is based on a story. It’s a form of time travel. I think that history and time are entirely imaginary. My moral code is wholly anti-national and collectivist – the ‘immigrant’ is to be celebrated, not feared.

The cultural hybridity that migration brings is a template for a world order delimited by our connectedness in one reality or another. Our history as immigrants is no longer recorded by dominant ethnic elites, but is created for and by everyone. As The Spectacular Empire came to life in this world its regalia was born in our minds.

(MA) Menikmati and I created the Armour In Heaven label to explore speculative form and function and to make products informed by philosophy and not by profit. We research and create experimental garments that are fashion statements in the most literal use of the term. This capsule, based on The Spectacular Empire story, was primarily about protection. The garments exist to maintain the power of the wearer under a shroud of darkness and make clear their allegiance. They are constructed from advanced fabrics for safety and stealth. The gold glorifies the legend, as is its nature.

All the people who worked on this shoot are totems of this empire. True artists whose power shall not be eroded.

Photography: Stefon Grant and (MA) Menikmati

Styling: Alexa Kesta

Jewels: Lucky Little Blighters

Makeup: Jessy Velasco

Hair: Brenda Dublin

Models: Flohio, Mista Silva, Gloria, Inigo

Tailoring: Ledora Morton