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Rihanna slays at Crop Over festival – again

Teal hair, she don’t care

It’s probably safe to say that we will never get tired of hearing news about how Rihanna is the best at everything – and nothing we can do will ever compare.

If you were feeling self-conscious today, probably best to look away now because RiRi’s outfit for Crop Over festival in Barbados consists of nothing more than sequins and feathers. Rihanna hasn’t attended the event since 2015 – no doubt to give somebody else a chance to win best dressed – but returned to remind us that she is the Queen of Carnival.

This year’s outfit was created by local designer Lauren Austin, who met Rihanna through her brother. “I love how daring Rihanna is,” Austin told Vogue. “Her style is edgy and she isn’t afraid to wear whatever she wants, when she wants.” After sending a couple of sketches to the singer, the costume was created in just a day. Teamed with newly dyed turquoise hair, it joins the long list of looks that have slayed us.

And if that weren’t enough to have you wishing you were the OG Bajan bad gal, she went further to create a meta moment on her Instagram story – singing along to her track with DJ Khaled “Wild Thoughts”. If you still want more, there’s no doubt it won’t be long before Rihanna drops her next life-changing look.