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NEHERA AW17 campaign womenswear nature michal pudelka
NEHERA AW17Photography Michal Pudelka

Nehera’s new campaign makes cow milking chic

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Classic and constructivist. Two words that are good at describing Czechoslovakian brand Nehera, which has shown in Paris since 2015. And if there’s one thing Nehera is keen about, it’s using fashion to beautify nature. So, no surprises that the campaign for the AW17 collection depicts a group of models exploring a field – there’s also the addition of a cow, a ladder and some shovels so you can definitely tick the box of agricultural chic. 

Bratislava-born photographer Michal Pudelka was inspired by the natural materials and earthy tonal colours of the collection, making the setting the perfect backdrop for the campaign. “I always found vast spaces, particularly endless fields fascinating,” he said.

Taking a more particular approach than other photographers, Pudelka goes a little further to get the perfect snap. “I draw my images before I shoot them; each photograph has been designed especially for a certain group of clothes, inspired by their cuts, colours, fabrics and overall dynamics.” Nehera’s AW17 collection is about joining the classic with the abstract. So this – combined with the vision of a photographic artist – results in a campaign of visual harmony.

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