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Meme creator: @youvegotnomale

Sooo... Gucci is making memes now

A Happy Friday in fashion land

Designers from Comme Des Garçons to Chanel have made emoji packs, but now Gucci is giving us the latest in internet culture / fashion crossovers: Gucci memes. Yup, you read that right – and there’s even an Arthur fist clench in there. 

This isn’t your average collection of dank memes, though. Created as a collaboration between visual artists like Alec Soth, Dazed favourite @pollynor and meme creators / regular heroes of your Instagram / Twitter feeds like @beigecardigan and @williamcult, these are memes with a distinctly Gucci aesthetic, all aimed at promoting their new line of watches. 

Turns out, retro glamour and maximalist details adapt surprisingly well to the sense of being extra that dominates memeland. A Tudor painting with the caption “When he buys you flowers instead of a Gucci watch” could even be one of the many oddly relatable medieval memes already out there but, here, it also speaks to Michele’s penchant for historic references (he did show a collection in Westminster Abbey once, after all). 

Dubbed “#TFWGucci”, the campaign demonstrates the house’s ability to adapt its vision to the world its a part of, blending OTT fantasy fashion with a healthy dose of self-awareness.

See a selection of the memes in the gallery above or head here for the full collection.