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Reebok gives shoes to people who burned their New Balance

The brand helps out those who destroyed their NB trainers after the label expressed support for Trump

They say you reap what you sow and earlier this month, New Balance expressed support for US president-elect Donald Trump and got fire in return. People destroyed their NB trainers by setting fire to themthrowing them out of the window and flushing them down the loo. That’s not all – the brand also reaped an endorsement from neo-nazi website The Daily Stormer who crowned its produce as the “Official Shoes of White People”, which is what every marketing team wants. Jk.

But one brand’s publicity nightmare is another’s dream-come-true. Reebok has taken it upon itself to give shoes to people who have destroyed theirs in a fit of anti-Trump, anti-New Balance rage.

The label responded to one Twitter user who filmed himself throwing his New Balance trainers out of the window with “I’ve got a feeling you might need a new pair of kicks. Shoot us a DM, we’ve got your back.” Similarly, it replied to another user who attempted to flush her shoes down the toilet, “Since it looks like your toilet may be clogged, shoot us a DM & we’ll send you some kicks to walk to the closest bathroom.”

As for New Balance, the brand has since clarified its position saying that the quote (originally given by the company’s Vice President of Public Affairs, Matt LeBretton) was taken out of context. “The statement is correct in the context of trade, not talking about large geo-political anything, but in the context of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement,” LeBretton said in an interview with Buzzfeed. “It’s inaccurate. Everything I’ve said is in the context of trade.”