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Courtesy of Ralph Lauren
Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren is letting you personalise its gear

The heritage brand is inviting you to put your spin on their classics

In September, Polo Ralph Lauren launched its new flagship store in London ahead of London Fashion Week. The Regent Street store is Europe’s first flagship Polo store and now home to the world’s first Polo Custom Store. Centred around its new Create Your Own campaign, the ground floor of the store features an interactive personalisation hub which lets customers play around with different designs and personalise men’s, women’s and children’s wear before you buy. 

From the member of country clubs to New York gangs like Lo Life, Ralph Lauren has been adopted and appropriated by different style tribes – and now you can make the Ralph Lauren polo fit your own brand. The Create Your Own space is unique to the London store and will inevitably bring a new wave of diversity in design to the label.

The initiative will allow customers to personalise items like caps and polo shirts with their name, numbers, logos and even dogs – the famous Polo horse has also had a revamp, meaning you can now replace it with a canine of your choice. Customers can also select from a range of ten dogs, including British bulldogs, to add to their look.

Personalisation has become a huge trend in the past decade, with high street brands like Nike and fashion juggernauts like Prada both utilising the service. The new campaign gives both the streetwear guru a chance to make their own mark on the classic brand.

You can find the Create Your Own range of personalised products on the web shop and in store at the Polo Ralph Lauren Flagship Store on Regent Street, London.