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LFW London Fashion Week SS17 2017 Yu Fujiwara Street Style
LFW SS17Photography Yu Fujiwara

Capturing the in-between moments of London Fashion Week

Photographer Yu Fujiwara paints an alternative portrait of the people and peculiarities of LFW

To the casual onlooker, London Fashion Week must seem like a very odd thing. Flamboyantly dressed people pretending to talk on the phone / hail cabs / lean nonchalantly against lamp posts as photographers snap away; other people handing out free popcorn and questionable vitamin drinks; and fashion shows themselves where press and prospective buyers see designers’ new collections – at least we think that’s what they’re for, it’s hard to be sure nowadays.

Anyway, last week photographer Yu Fujiwara headed to various show venues around town to document the characters, chaos and craziness that is London Fashion Week. From no filter portraits of off-duty models to flashes of genuine style, his photos show an different side to the event than the polished runway pics and street style shots that have been flooding our Instagram feeds this past week. Head to the gallery above to see his documentation of LFW SS17.