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Homecoming Queen

As part of Pam Hogg's fashion revival, she returns to her 80s' shop address on Newburgh Street next week.

Following a triumphant return to the catwalk last season, Pam Hogg is soon to be taking a trip down memory lane in more ways than one. For the month of May only, she is revisiting the resident address of her previous 80s style haunt on Newburgh Street in the Newburgh Quarter.

Speaking to Pam on her memories of her previous shop occupancy, “I haven't been in the area for quite some time but have always had fond memories of it. I rented the shop from 1989 till 1992 it was an amazing time and the last days of my foray into fashion before I set off on the music trail again.”

Renowned for being the beating heart of Central London’s creative core, its independently owned boutiques reflect the best of contemporary British and International fashion talent. “After the show I was inundated with calls and amazing messages, and one of the calls was from the Newburgh Quarter offices asking me if I would like to celebrate my comeback by having a pop up shop for one month back in my old haunt.”

The ‘pop-up’ boutique will play host to a treasure trove of both new and vintage pieces from the first time round following the discovery of some archived fabric that she printed for one of her first shows. “There will be some pieces from around the time the shop first opened, mixed with new items including cat and kitten suits from my 2009 summer collection. There's also going to be T-shirts and bone china mugs and plates from my "I-con" collection.”
Opening on Thursday 13th May, it’s just the beginning of a new chapter for Hogg, who has gone full circle to come back to fashion following her musical, film and art endeavours throughout the decadent 80s. If successful, Hogg anticipates yet more catwalk shows to come. “I also hope to get my website up and running, I've had it for two years now but never had the time or resources to do anything with it, but there's a page up now due to the unexpected advert generously donated by your magazine. That made me move my ass!”

Anything but a shop girl, the glam fashion veteran will be proudly manning the shop on its first day so be sure to take along your Hoggdoll CD’s and posters for her to sign because this is one homecoming not to be missed.

Pam Hogg at 9 Newburgh Street, London W1 opens 13th May for one month only.