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A/W 09 "Buda" and "Pest" , Photographer: Bella How
A/W 09 "Buda" and "Pest" , Photographer: Bella Howard, Stylist: Yasuhiro Takehisa

Yang Du's Buda and Pest

One of Dazed Fashion's New Optimism designers is trying to bridge the past and future with a new mini collection.

It isn't hard to have your attention grabbed by Yang Du's creations. Strictly speaking the 30 year old CSM-trained designer uses knitwear as her primary force but she's also willing to branch out into other areas to get her desired surreal effect. In the case of her A/W 09 "Buda" and "Pest" collection, it's a whimsical continuation from her last collection. Strawberries, watermelons, animals and elderly folk are all having a knitted blast on oversized jumpers. Dazed speak to Yang to try and decipher between the "Buda" and the "Pest".

Dazed Digital: How have ...progressed for your last collection?
Yang Du: The reason I called it "Buda" and "Pest", was because, I realized I was on the "bridge" between the past and the future, trying to make my mind up about what I should do! I had very little time and I thought it would be good to carry on from my last collection, have more fun and more experience with knitwear, both hand knitting and machine knitting.
DD: Any anecdotes from making this collection?
Yang Du: I spent Chinese New Year at home in China with my family, for the very first time in the last 8 years. As a treat, I had as many strawberries as I wanted, so I love my strawberry jumper.
DD: You said this collection was small but how will you expand for your next collection?
Yang Du: I am still learning the process, trying to do the best I can. I have just got back from Ecuador for research, and will off again next month to see more factories. This is gonna be a very interesting season for me and I am 100% on it.