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Backstage at Philip Ellis, Central Saint Martins BA 2016
Backstage at Philip Ellis, Central Saint Martins BA 2016Photography Lucie Rox

The stats are in: here’s what fashion thinks of Brexit

A survey conducted by the British Fashion Council reveals the industry's strong stance on the EU referendum

Today, the British Fashion Council revealed the findings of a survey on the attitudes towards the EU referendum, sent out to 500 UK designers. 

The fashion industry sends a clear message, with the results stating that, from the 290 responses they've had, 90% have stated their preference to remain, 4.3% voted to leave, whilst 2.4% were undecided and 2.8% declared that they would not vote.

The confirmation of that majority of designers are deciding to vote remain comes as little surprise – after decoding what a Brexit might mean for fashion, the potential consequences appear rather bleak. Fashion institutions (including the BFC) could lose funding, clothes could become more expensive, and EU students could be priced out of a valuable fashion education. As the UK's fashion industry is one of its most important exports, Brexit could result in a serious threat to global growth and the future of fashion could suffer from a lack of diversity.

A slew of designers have been showing their support for Vote Remain on Instagram, including Jonathan Anderson, Vivienne WestwoodAshley Williams, and Claire Barrow.

If you're confused about Brexit, you can find out more on Dazed or talk to a chatbot.