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Stylist Richard Sloan was inspired by ‘the contents of Fashion Week goody bags' for specially designed treats by Markus Lupfer, Louise Gray and Fred Butler.

Whilst fashion goody bags are probably becoming more and more of a rarity in these current times, ASOS have teamed up with stylist Richard Sloan to give everybody a fashion HIT, inspired by fashion freebies. Louise Gray, Markus Lupfer and Fred Butler have all designed an exclusive-to-ASOS treat, with new HITS from James Long and Laura Lees coming up. Gray designed a signature brooch that can be dangled off tees, bags and jeans, accessories whizz Fred Butler has done a bespoke parcel tape and the latest HIT courtesy of Markus Lupfer sees specially-sourced glow-in-the-dark embroidery thread on a pair of pants for any exhibitionists out there. We speak to the brains behind the project, stylist Richard Sloan about the best HIT he's had...

Dazed Digital: What’s the best goodie bag freebie you’ve ever got?
Richard Sloan: It’s always nice to be given anything at all, but goodie bags from Mandi Lennard PR press days are always full of really fun and irreverent things like scented toilet rolls, hand decorated cupcakes and jewellery. And at the Fashion East show a couple of seasons back, they gave out condoms, heart shaped cookie cutters and NOKI posters- brilliant!!
DD: Who else would you like to design  good HIT?
Richard Sloan: There are so many people it would be amazing to work with, dead and alive!! The one person who I would love to have worked with, was  Keith Haring just because he was such an originator and his artwork was so easily applied and he made the most inanimate of objects desirable. And alive, Martin Margiela who is such a  brilliant product designer and the master at packaging and presenting things in an interesting way.
DD: Why did you choose the people you did?-  Louise Gray, Fred Butler, Markus Lupfer, James Long, etc, for this HIT project?
Richard Sloan: First and foremost because I am fans of their work , but also because I think we share a similar sensibility. It’s so exciting to see how people interpret such an open brief. I like people who have a sense of humour and I hope the Hit site and its products reflect that. I’m very happy and proud to be working with all of the creative people involved.