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Nicopanda SS16 campaign
Nicopanda SS16 campaignCourtesy of Nicopanda

Models get high in Nicopanda’s tongue-in-cheek campaign

Nicola Formichetti taps his favourite creatives for a series of punk-inspired imagery featuring poppers and (candy) pills

Nicola Formichetti is known for his creative approach to branding – this, after all, is the man that recently announced an advertising collaboration between Diesel (for which he is creative director) and Pornhub. But, for the label that he describes as his “baby”, Nicopanda, Formichetti has instead opted to spotlight some of his favourite creatives in a SS16 campaign lensed by Christopher Makos. 

The American photographer has an impressive portfolio and has previously worked with Man Ray and Andy Warhol, so Formichetti was keen to draw from his experience and merge it with young talent. The resulting images embody the “hard and soft side of Nicopanda” as the designer puts it, “it’s an amalgamation of subcultures which collide into one universe.” This theme of juxtaposition is the connecting thread between the collection and each image, all of which fuse punk imagery with softer, romantic elements.

As for the casting, Formichetti has always been open about the importance of diversity, often tapping his own friends and muses as opposed to models. This season, stars include artists Phillipa Horan and Sydney Weisman, model-slash-skater-kid Anthony DeFalco and ET Chong, a friend of his assistant’s – all part of the Nicopanda gang. As for the poppers and pills, he’s keen to underscore that they aren’t drugs – they’re candy, designed to release a Nicopanda high. It’s hard to imagine a series of images more emblematic of the designer’s own ethos. As he explains, “Fashion is for everyone. It’s genderless, ageless and for people who are free-spirited and want to have fun!”