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Jean Touitou of A.P.C. Hates Rock n' Roll

Quentin from the The Teenagers quizzes the founder of French brand A.P.C. about all the fundamental things in life.

The man behind the brand that has produced some of Paris' most classic pieces is driven by a revolutionary conception of fashion. He says he hates rock n roll but it’s not true. Jean Touitou, the head and the heart of APC, lives for rock n roll. What he truly hates is what we call rock and roll today: the bunch of pretenders that replaced the heroes of yesterday.  
To illustrate the statement the brand has collaborated with four bands that are more into playing than posing (Housse de Racket, Koko Von Napoo, Chateau Marmont and The Teenagers) to create limited edition t-shirts.
Production or Creation?

Radical or normal?
Normal is radical now.

Wood or Steel?
Concrete, wood and steel.

Roger Moore or Sean Connery?
Roger who? You gotta be kidding me!

Rock or disco? 
This is too private.

Raw denim jeans or check shirt?
Raw power.

God bless America or god save the queen?
Godmiché for the Queens

Evolution or revolution?
At this point, we need a conscience preparation, then we'll see how fast things can be changed.

North or South or East or West?
North by North-West, of course!

Cat Power or Lou Doillon? 
Chan can sing, Lou can laugh.

Rollerskate or skateboard?   
Rollerskates before 9 years old. Not more. Beyond this age limit, rollerskates should not be forgiven.

Stones or Beatles ?
Stones are cheap pussies, I mean that.

Kenzo or Agnes B?
Kenzo from '77 to '81.

Navy blue or beige? 
The darkest navy blue.

Art or History? 
History is a very good drug. Art died with god

Trotsky or Mao? 
Dantec !!!!  (I know it's easy to say that now, but both had a terrible understanding of Marx.  Mao deserved to be terminated with a mountain pick. Trotsky didn't deserve that.)

Kinks or The Who?
Ray Davies' voice and lyrics moves me more than anything.

Elitism or Popularity?
Aiming for mass elitism.

Style or Substance?
Style without substance is too Warholian; five minutes of fun, and ready for the bin... style needs substance - even when an incredible substance has no style, who the fuck cares! We crave for great substance.
"I hate rock and roll." T-shirts vailable on and in store from April 15th 2009.