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J.W. Anderson SS16 campaign Jamie Hawkesworth
J.W. Anderson SS16 campaignPhotography Jamie Hawkesworth

J.W. Anderson’s SS16 ad is the size of stamp

The designer’s Jamie Hawkesworth-shot SS16 campaign goes to show that size isn’t everything

We’ve seen a fair few brands break the campaign mould this season. Case in point: Louis Vuitton who cast video game character Final Destiny XIII’s Lightning and Gucci who featured Timothy Dibble clutching a stuffed peacock to his bosom while skateboarding down the hall of a Berlin shopping mall. J.W. Anderson is next to do so, unveiling its SS16 ad which is the size – and shape – of a postage stamp.

The campaign was designed by renowned graphic design and art direction team M/M (Paris), who have collaborated with Anderson on multiple occasions. It features an image, shot by Jamie Hawkesworth, of Spanish model Mayka Merino wearing a look decorated with Keith Haring-style squiggles from the SS16 collection. There is the only image for the women’s campaign and, according to the brand, it will move around the page throughout the season.

The launch of this campaign comes just days after the brand’s AW16 menswear show at London Collections: Men – first fashion show to be live streamed on Grindr, a decision which has been subsequently deemed a stroke of PR genius. This season, Anderson described his man as an “urban vampire” or “future Dracula”, and said that the collection visualised his attempt “to work out what’s the most appropriate way to articulate speed in clothing.” Woollen tracksuits, pyjama-like silk suits and dotted ermine stoles were, in an almost tongue-in-cheek twist, paired with snail motifs and cartoon prints.

Like those snails and cartoons, this campaign reflects Anderson’s slightly ironic or insincere disposition too. It’s like he’s toying with us; making us look twice, making us look closer. Why would he choose to make his campaign so small? Maybe it’s simply because he can.