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Cycling gets the Celine treatment

Phoebe Philo has designed a cycling range with summer days in mind

Imagine a beautiful sunny day in June you decide to indulge in a bikeride, picnic basket strapped to the back, pretty bit of green grass in sight.  The only dilemma you face is what to wear, Phoebe Philo has too considered such a quandary and presents the solution.

Celine Bicyclette is an undiluted collection of clothing designed specifically with two wheeled pursuits of a more gentle nature in mind. The range features a silver jacket, which converts into a parka should the weather take a turn for the worst. Practical culottes and lightweight dresses with longer back hem, concealed shorts and longer cycling leggings.  The selection also includes feather-light knit mini-dresses and collared shirt dresses, in attention grabbing Magenta and yellow. Celine, covering all angles have designed an old school brown calfskin cycling shoe and something pretty necessary if navigating the roads these days, a rather dashing purple cycle helmet. Having opted not to do a show this season, this Bicyclette range only hints ever so slightly at what we can expect from Philo's interpretation of Celine.