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Claire Barrow SS16
Claire Barrow SS16Photography Chloé Le Drezen

Enter Claire Barrow's Ballardian nightmare

What will we wear when technology fails us? Watch this exclusive video of the designer's dystopic band practice for SS16

If you're reading this on your phone, it's too late. Claire Barrow had our increasing reliance on our technological devices on her brain for SS16, presenting a future dystopia in which the clothes we wear may be the last things we call our own. The result saw her distinctive hand-made techniques pushed to their furthest extreme: knitted and painted by hand, leathers and silk mingled with denim that had literally gone through a cement mixer to emerge from the debris. "There's no going back", says Barrow of her hands-on approach. "There's no deleting or rubbing it out – it's instant." The venue for these post-technological ensembles was a distorted after-dark soiree, with elegantly dressed boys and girls playing broken instruments cobbled together from metal parts. It sounds surprisingly good – soundtracked by Owen Pratt's off-kilter orchestration, here's your invitation to the strangest band recital you'll ever attend.