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Classic Reinvention

Classic Reinvention in Alyasha Owerka- Moor’s Collection for Adidas Originals

He’s worked at pretty much every iconic US streetwearimprint since the early-90s, so it’s refreshing to seeNew Yorker Alyasha Owerka-Moore taking things rightback to the beginning with his ObyO collection foradidas Originals.“I started out working as an assistant to mymother, restoring ancient textiles for museums andprivate art collectors,” says the designer, who was abehind-the-scenes player at Phat Farm in its early days,as well as an early member of NYC skate overlords Shut(which he says began life as a “bunch of guys hand-cuttingboards on my mom’s roof on Bergen Street”). Hewas also the brains behind skate label Alphanumericand the cutting-edge snowboard brand Dub.

Describing the current state of streetwear as“formulaic, amorphous and uninteresting”, Owerka-Moore is more into his Ralph Lauren Polo these days.“It’s unwavering and focused,” he enthuses about thestyle. “It’s never concerned with trend.” It’s preciselythis kind of timeless classicism that the designer’s nowinterested in applying to adidas Originals.

So, what can we expect from the collection? Well,given the current vintage renaissance in streetwear,Owerka-Moore is predominantly concerned with 50sand 60s looks. The product of this fixation ranges fromtrack jackets with leather zip-ups to sneakers thatbecome saddle shoes – think SE Hinton’s Outsiders andyou’re halfway there. “I want to recreate that sense ofteenage angst and rebellion,” explains Owerka-Moore.

“That killer sense of individual style.” Citing Bo Diddleyand Sidney Poitier’s Gregory Miller in Blackboard Jungleas major influences, it’s no wonder that Owerka-Mooreeven has a soundtrack to the collection in his head,one that includes the likes of Irk Hispano and theHeadshrinkers, Chuck Berry and The Horrors.

“I’m not really clear on who chose me for thisproject,” says Owerka-Moore, who remains modestabout being up there with adidas’s heavyweightcollaborators, Jeremy Scott and Kazuki Kuraishi. “I’mhonoured to have been considered. I wish more folkswould give as much creative freedom with their briefs.”

Text Gary Warnett / Photography Ben Toms

The first part of the ObyO collection will launchFebruary 20, available from selected size? storesand online