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Kanye West thinks the fashion industry is doomed

The rapper and designer is (unnecessarily) freaked out by the capabilities of 3D printing

Kanye West used a rare appearance on Keeping Up With The Kardashians to share his fears for the future of fashion yesterday. Accompanying his wife's family to Armenia for the most recent episode, the rapper and designer was seen visiting the country's Tumo Centre for Creative Technologies – a haven for budding tech creatives. 

Despite being, for the most part, impressed by the centre's collection – particularly the robots – it was when West was shown the 3D printers that the terror struck his heart. 

“This is what I’m afraid of…” the “All Day” rapper said. “...because the Internet destroyed the music industry and now, this is what we’re afraid of right now with the textile industry.” 

When the administrator doing the tour pointed out that 3D printing would still definitely require the all-important skills of a designer, West remained despondent, adding: “Yeah, but it’s like, there will come a time when people are making their shoes at home.” 

Given the difficulties faced by independent designers and the problems with the production process, that might not actually be a terrible thing to happen. However, despite West's fears, that time is still a very long way off. The idea of organic fibres ever being able to be reproduced by a 3D printer is, at this stage, almost impossible. And using the machines to design and manufacture is pretty unlikely too – at least for a good couple of decades. 

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