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Surface 2 Air Sao Paulo

Secret clubs, Iggor and Laima Cavalera’s wedding and the launch of S2A Sao Paulo’s own line.

Moments after Dazed Digital land in Brazil, barely breaking a sweat at the thought of a week of all-you-can-eat meat and apple bottoms, and we’re invited by the good folks at Surface 2 Air Sao Paulo to a party at their secret club (where Madonna threw her private Brazilian samba show) to celebrate the wedding of rock and DJ royalty Iggor and Laima Cavalera. Iggor being the thunderous drummer from, of course, Sepultura (!) most recently the Cavalera Conspiracy with brother Max, and hyped party DJ duo Mixhell, with whom he shares deck duties with Laima. A couple of Caipirinha-fuelled days later and the lovely Karina Mota De Oliveira, owner of Surface 2 Air Sao Paulo, shows us around her store and gallery with recent pieces from the Lápis Lapin exhibition, curated by Eduarda Porto De Souza featuring Lovefoxxx, Mark Borthwick, Mike Mills and Miranda July.  

Dazed Digital: How did Surface 2 Air Sao Paulo come out of Surface 2 Air Paris?
Karina Mota De Oliverira: We wanted to make a fresh new start in South America whilst keeping with the initial ideals of S2A Paris. The idea is so perfect – take everyone we like, share ideas, then put them together in the same place. Everyone brings their vision. We also took back the tradition of Surface 2 Air doing killer parties.

DD: What art inspires you?
KMDO: I love the Brazilian art from the 50’s and 70’s. There are so many directions that culture can go, but we’re really young only 500 years old, but with a very rich culture. I love what is truly modern and Brazilian, art and the architects like Oscar Niemeyer. But what I don’t like right now is people who have so many influences, they’re trapped by them.

DD: You were saying that in Sao Paulo, there really is nothing like Surface 2 Air.
KMDO: I feel we are the only truly modern fashion store in Sao Paulo. Not taking myself too seriously, but I feel that we are putting down those bricks on the future of fashion in Brazil. I love when people don’t like my shop too. Some people are shocked. They think it’s scary, too different. I like to provoke something in someone.

DD: What’s the story behind the bar and your parties?
KMDO: It all came from the shop. We were welcoming all different types of people. Iggor Cavalera liked the shop and he said let’s work together. We did a lot of different parties and a line of t-shirts. And the owner of the bar was the same thing. One day he came in, took us for dinner and told us he was opening a new place and wanted it to be ours too. He told us he loved our identity. It’s the secret bar, it has no name… but it’s not a secret anymore… We bring DJs here that no one knows. Fashion people would never go to see a (baile) funk DJ from Rio like Sany Pitbull. And the parties are crazy. For him it’s really funny to see the mix of people. And then there’s the girl who should be the Princess of Brazil but totally rebelled. Her boyfriend is a funk DJ, they’re called Two Sugars and practise at my bar.

DD: What about the new Surface 2 Air Sao Paulo line?
KMDO: We’re producing out own clothes now which are inspired by the old Surface 2 Air designs but with new artists. We’re trying them on a limited release through the store. The big launch will be at the end of the year. Our goal to be the bridge between Brazil and Paris, we hope to show Paris a little bit of Brazilian fashion, but in our own special, brand new way.