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Molly Bair on Instagram
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Eight hilarious models to follow on Instagram

Tilda Lindstam isn’t the only model with a GSOH – here’s a gang of others you should be hitting follow on

This week we told you all about Tilda Lindstam, the model with an Instagram that proves she’s not set on taking fashion too seriously (think photoshopping herself inside a taco, instructing us to “talk to the ham” with a slice of cured meat, and hanging out with Zoolander and Hansel in Paris). We may have declared her the funniest model in fashion, but as our readers pointed out, there are certainly a few others in the running. Check out some more of our favourites below:

Issa Lish (username @issalien, in reference to her otherworldly features) has a knack for matching bizzare images with hilarious captions. Also, apparently, for making her neck disappear.

Born in Pennsylvania, Molly Bair is the model who made a stir last season with her unusual features. A 6’2” basketball player, her Instagram features her both walking for Chanel and throwing up signs, plus the occasional picture of icons such as Britney and Paris Hilton.

Dazed 100 model Hanne Gaby Odiele runs a good Instagram, and despite being at the top of her game, doesn’t take herself too seriously – even when that How-Old app told her she looked 14.

Model and artist Mike Bailey Gates is signed to Ford, and has an Instagram full of excellent selfies. He’s mastered the art, snapping shots with everything from tiny, terrified dogs, to waterfalls, ponies, and friend and Dazed 100 actress India Menuez

Oh Jarlos. The NY based duo may have parted ways with their agency since becoming the first gay couple to get signed together, but they are still bringing the LOLs on Instagram. Particular highlights: banana sharing and dodgy Lindsay Lohan photoshop jobs.

Born in Paris, Felix Gesnouin has walked for the likes of Balmain, Fendi and Bottega Veneta. But he’s also garnered attention for his spectacular lo-fi Instagram art, like this gem featuring him with one of the most powerful men in the world (and Barack Obama).

Ali Michael, signed to IMG and seen here generously spitting on a friend, is particularly known for her super close up selfies. In fact, her sense of humour has amassed her an impressive 154k followers.