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Hana Tajima

Uniqlo is releasing a range of hijabs

Young female designer Hana Tajima has created a slick line of fashionable hijabs for the high street store, but why can’t you buy them in the UK?

Uniqlo is the first major high street company to create a line of fashionable headscarves and religious wear, designed by young British designer and digital artist Hana Tajima.

Unfortunately UK customers will only be able to order them online, rather than purchase them on the high street. Why? A spokesperson for Uniqlo told us: "Unfortunately this range will not be sold in UK shops, only in some countries in Asia."

Singapore has a Muslim population of 15 per cent, compared to five per cent in the UK. It appears that the company is rolling out the hijabs where demand is slightly higher before committing to launching across the world.

Hana Tajima converted to Islam at 17 and went on to start her own label focussing on modest, yet slick and fashionable, Muslim wear, alongside managing a popular fashion blog.

“I'm so happy to share this with you," said Tajima at the launch. "I know it’s been a long time coming but it felt wonderful to let my mind run. It catches on a detail, or just a feeling of an idea. Unearthing something that I can only see the edges of. Now you get to see it in its whole form, and it’s all for you.”

Tajima’s range is all about dressing modestly in line with Islam teachings, but also having fun and engaging with fashion too. It’ll feature lots of different types of headscarf in varied colours and prints, along with headbands, long dresses and rayon blouses, taking inspiration from diverse cultures.  The headscarves are made from thin, breathable material so anybody wearing them doesn’t overheat.

The range will go on sale Friday in stores in Singapore, and UK customers will soon be able to purchase online.