Who says girls shouldn’t walk alone at night?

Watch writer Sarah Nicole Prickett explore NYC in Coach’s bad-girl inspired SS15 collection

“Living in New York, I've become comfortable feeling like a tourist,” says writer and editor Sarah Nicole Prickett. For a new film for Coach featuring their SS15 collection – inspired by rebel girls like Debbie Harry, Courtney Love and a Kids era Chloë Sevigny – Prickett turns girl-about-town to wander the streets of the city. Starting in her apartment, she journeys past the Brooklyn Museum, heads to Manhattan to stop in at artist friend Cajsa von Zeipel’s studio, and winds up at her favourite dive bar, Beverly’s. “I wanted the film to feel like Cléo de 5 à 7 set in Chinatown,” she says of her references for the short, shot by Brookyln-based painter and filmmaker Eric K. Yue. “I sent him and the producer, Danny, an extremely ambitious list of stills and clips,” she explains, taking her character inspiration from films like Breakfast at Tiffany's, Faces, Point Blank, World on a Wire, and Days of Being Wild. Her favourite scene took place in her dive bar of choice, Beverly’s. “A few of my friends came,” she recalls. “We all drank tequila and talked about – well, you'll never know! It's a propter se mystery, like the last shot of Lost in Translation.”

Watch the film above, and head here to read Coach creative director Stuart Vevers on designing for the bad girls.

Sarah Nicole Prickett wears bleached denim lacquer rivet jean jacketFair Isle mohair cardigan, Drifter bag, Wild Beast print skirtCoach x Baseman Secret Order round neck dressFluff oversized coat all by Coach SS15. Film Bogie; styling Emma Wyman; hair Cecilia Romero at The Wall Group; make-up Emi Kaneko at D+V; styling assistant Kat Banas.