Take a psychedelic road trip with Fendi & Chloë Howl

To mark its new range of shades, the fashion house takes the rising singer along for a ride in a new film – see it exclusively here

After teaming up with model Anna Cleveland (daughter of Yves Saint Laurent muse Pat Cleveland) for their collaboration with Thierry Lasry, Fendi are back with a new face for their latest collection, British singer Chloë Howl. In the film – named “Bad Dream” after Howl’s new single – she models their Orchidea range of shades, first seen on the runway in Milan paired with the house’s SS15 collection, which featured the Orchid flower as its central motif. Here she talks roadtrips, getting obsessed with Almost Famous and warding off bad dreams.

What’s your favourite thing about Fendi? 

Chloë Howl: I've always loved Fendi ever since I was little! It's one of the brands you grow up admiring and aspiring to. I wouldn't class myself as a girly girl, and so I love how all their pieces have an edge to them, whilst still staying very feminine. 

What was it like to shoot the Fendi Orchidea short film? 

Chloë Howl: It was exciting and surreal to get to work with a brand I've always loved! We shot the video in Paris and the whole day was a lot of fun. The idea behind the whole shoot was really interesting so watching it all come together live on set made the whole thing even more exciting – I couldn't wait to see the finished project. 

Any anecdotes from the day on set?  

Chloë Howl: There's a scene where the car is meant to be going really fast and I'm being thrown about in the back a little bit. However, the car obviously wasn't actually moving so I had to act it out. In one take I got a little bit carried away and hit my head on the ceiling pretty hard... Twice! I guess you could say I was just very dedicated to the role!

What’s your favourite road movie? 

Chloë Howl: Almost Famous. My best friend at school and I would watch it every time we went to each other's houses. It's all about a 15-year-old aspiring journalist running away with a rock band on tour in the 70s. They travel around America on this little bus and get into all sorts of trouble. The soundtrack and styling of the film is amazing and it always has me pining to go back in time and sneak onto Fleetwood Mac’s tour bus and see the world! 

The video shows you driving around fantasy landscapes – who would you most want to be your passenger for the day? 

Chloë Howl: The car in the video was an old classic car, so a beautiful actress like Audrey Hepburn would be amazing.

What inspired you to write the song “Bad Dream”? 

Chloë Howl: My parents ran a small business that was doing really well, and suddenly a lot of people at once let them down, and they lost the company. It was a really hard time for them and the entire family. I wanted to write a song that let them know that I knew they would pull through and that things will get better. I think I just wanted to write a song that everyone who's struggling to see light at the end of the tunnel can listen to and be like, "Ok. I've got this. I can get through this."

How do you ward off bad dreams?

Chloë Howl: I don't – I have nightmares constantly! So often that I've almost learnt to enjoy them for the wild and interesting things they are. I do believe in interpreting dreams to find out their meaning, so I tend to use them to figure out what's going on in my head at the moment. Bad dreams aren't all bad - it's like going to the movies for free every night!