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Stefania Ferrario
Stefania FerrarioModels 1

#DropThePlus campaigner Stefania Ferrario signs to Models 1

The Australian model was the public face of the movement to get fashion to ditch the term ‘plus-size’

Thousands of tweets and Instagram pics later, #DropThePlus has ignited a global conversation around size hierarchy in fashion. The campaign, led by Australian model Stefania Ferrario and reality show host Ajay Rochester, calls for clothing brands to ditch the term "plus-size". In a viral Instagram post, Ferrario argued the label was misleading and that she should be considered a model, period.

It seems like her outspoken call has paid off. Models 1 – a leading modelling agency that has also thrown its weight behind #DropThePlus – has just signed Ferrario to their Curve division.

"I'm very excited to be part of the team at Models 1 Curve," Ferrario told us. "They're an agency that promote health, equality and diversity. They are making positive changes in the fashion industry and I'm thrilled to be a part of that! My heritage is European so being represented by Models 1 in the UK also gives me the opportunity to travel and visit family in Europe while pursuing my dream."

Nicole Sinclare, the head model booker of Curve, said: "I became aware of Stefania when I discovered the #DropThePlus campaign. It is fantastic that someone has finally stood up and made the point that we, at Models 1, have been talking about for ages. Stefania is incredible looking and has a 'voice' which makes her a really exciting prospect for the brands that are so keen to work with her."

Here's the original Instagram post that kicked it all off for Ferrario – proof that if you stand by what you believe in, people are bound to sit up and pay attention.