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Moschino AW15, Womenswear, Dazed backstage, Milan, 80s
Left, Eniko Mihalik (Why Not), right, Gigi Hadid (IMG) backstage at Moschino AW15Photography Virginia Arcaro

Moschino AW15 + livestream

Jeremy Scott takes on 80s NYC with Looney Tunes jerseys and teddy bear backpacks

Initial reaction:

Jeremy Scott took us back to the land of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air at Moschino, where we could wave our hands like we just don’t care to a giant ghetto blaster and swagger our way down the streets in primary puffas, the biggest rucksacks we can get on our backs, as much bling as we can possibly carry and graffiti frocks. “I was thinking about New York in the 80s and how you wear your outfit for the day – innerwear becomes outerwear and workwear is co-opted into streetwear,” said Scott after the show. Scott’s particular type of maximalism once again reigned supreme: the Moschino reboot is fully activated.

Happy days: 

Whether we were children or teenagers, the late 80s, early 90s era is certainly stuffed full of happy memories. Scott was harking back to a simpler time when Looney Tunes on the telly could keep you preoccupied and how you wanted to adopt the dungarees and baseball caps uniform promoted by any number of American sitcoms. The 1996 film Space Jam came flooding back in the form of baseball and basketball sports jersey emblazoned with Looney Tunes characters. When asked what Scott was into at this particular period in his life, he said, “I wasn’t in any particular tribe. I was always quite eclectic. Sometimes that’s beautiful, sometimes that’s also frustrating! But for me you can listen to Dolly Parton, Salt ‘n’ Pepa and Madonna all at the same time.” That eclecticism reflected on the soundtrack as we jumped from JJ Fad’s “Supersonic” to Max Well’s “Laguna” to Malcolm McLaren’s “Madame Butterfly” to accompany the Moschino “couture” passage.

Teddy bear picnic:

On our seats were the de rigeur iPhone cases shaped as giant teddy bears. There was also the new Moschino perfume, housed inside a furry teddy bear wearing a t-shirt that said “This is not a Moschino Toy”. Scott also made his exit in a t-shirt that read “Ready to Bear”. The reference was of course Franco Moschino’s famous teddy bear dress from his AW88 collection. In the same way that teddy bears had never been used to dress a woman, Scott broke new ground with perfume bottles. That of course is the primary cash cow of brands today. Moschino’s Toy scent isn’t merely child’s play.

The soundtrack to Moschino AW15: