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Tom Ford A Single Man set
Tom Ford and Colin Firth on the set of A Single Man (2009)

Tom Ford is planning his second Hollywood film

The follow-up to the Oscar-nominated movie A Single Man is in the works

Exciting news for fashion and film buffs: Tom Ford is working on a follow-up to his Oscar-nominated 2009 debut movie A Single Man. In an interview with WWD, the designer revealed that he is in the "early stages" of casting the as-yet-untitled thriller, which he has personally adapted from a novel. He's keeping the name of the book under wraps, although he finished writing the script for it in September. 

"A book is a book; a film is a film," Ford said. "They are totally different things. Sometimes things are subtle in a book because there’s an inner monologue with the character, and turning it into a film, you don’t have that inner monologue – unless you do, which I don’t love... You have to have something personal; you have to take what speaks to you about a book and amplify that. It’s impressionism, in a way."

This season, Ford is upping sticks from London and showing his AW15 show this Friday in Los Angeles. He explained that he didn't want his show to clash with the Oscars, but there he may have other considerations in mind – the actresses in the audience of his runway show may well be those auditioning for a part in his film.

"It’s impossible not to think, 'are they going to be bored?'" he says. "What are they thinking? Are they going to think, 'oh my God, (he has) no taste?'"

Ford's second cinematic attempt won't be a Boyhood-style epic that takes years to film. Even though the designer is producing collections, he sounds like he's totally committed to making it work. By WWD's estimation, he has about three months between September and December to shoot the movie. If he doesn't do it, he'll have to wait next year. But seeing as he filmed A Single Man in 21 days, he's confident he can pull it off: "I only need six weeks."  

Stay tuned for more news on Tom Ford the filmmaker. Watch the trailer for A Single Man below: