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Philipp Plein AW15 Snoop Doggy Dogg Snoop Lion Celebrity
Snoop Dogg backstage at Philipp Plein AW15Photography Paolo Musa

Philipp Plein AW15

Snoop Dogg Drops it Like it’s Hot in a wrestling cage while Plein’s warriors march in slick sportswear, leather and light up LED trainers

Initial reaction: 

The first rule of fight club is: you do not talk about fight club.

The scene:

Where to begin? We were seated around a raised cage surrounded by another cage, and inside the first Snoop Dogg performed (casual Milan-style) while wrestling brothers battled it out. Then the models filed out from a giant fanged wrester's face to the sound of classical music and drums being played by men covered in warrior body paint. Paris Hilton was on the front row in sparkly Plein, being courted by a very enthusiastic Italian man a few rows down who kept shouting “Paris, I love you!”

Leather central:

Plein looked to the boxing gym via the street, sending out logo sweats, snarling Swarovski panther motifs and croc-effect mink hoodies, with neon green LED-soled trainers. But the main takeaway was leather, laced with python, alligator and devil-horned biker helmets. 

The soundtrack to Philipp Plein AW15: