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Dolce&Gabbana AW15 family portrait Dazed Menswear Milan
Dolce & Gabbana AW15

Dolce & Gabbana AW15

The designers pay tribute to the dynasty-like families of their beloved Italy

Initial reaction:

A family affair. This was the ultimate fashion tribute to the close-knit Italian dynasty – but one who wears their ornate crest on their sleeves and comes decked out in the family jewels.

La famiglia:

The curtains pulled back at the start of the show to reveal an array of people, young and old, arranged into a group portrait style tableaux. Matriarchs and patriarchs presided over their clan, and a baby sleeping on its mother's lap represented the next Dolce-clad generation. For AW15 it was clear that the designers were looking to one of the core values of Italian culture: La famiglia. Printed family portraits spanning decades appeared on silk t-shirts, while elsewhere the show’s dedication to family and love was made literal – the words appeared stitched on garments as 50s varsity style patches.

Nods to nobility:

Heavy embellishment wove its way throughout the collection, with gold wreaths, crests and crowns giving rise to the idea of a legacy, of something passed down through generations. Considering the show’s invites (which came printed with personal family photographs) it felt like for the designers, the collection was less about the legacy they themselves will leave, and more about honouring their own beginnings. 

The soundtrack to Dolce & Gabbana AW15: